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4K units, 8 pages, full color, 100# gloss paper, stapled, mailed bimonthly for Tatum Ranch Community Association in Cave Creek, Arizona.


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Tatum Talk for Tatum Ranch Community Association. Look inside.

Click an issue to view inside!

Online options for distributing your publication:
flip-book, pop-up, or blog-style format!

Flip-book Format

Flip-book format: this traditional format of displaying a newsletter is ideal if you are already having your newsletter printed and do not want to spend extra time and money to create an online version.

  • The same files sent to print are uploaded in a web-based flip book app which digitally displays your pages in the same manner as if they were printed.

  • This format does not support clickable links but you can easily share a link to the flip-book.

Pop-up Article Format

the highlander 3.jpg

Click to view an example of an interactive publication at

Pop-up Article format: eliminating the need to ZOOM and PAN. All articles load in “lightboxes” so a user never needs to navigate away from the cover/menu selection, and can easily pick and choose which articles to read.

  • Articles open in lightboxes, with option to proceed through like pages

  • Easy to add clickable links

  • Creates a more interactive, useful, and easier-to-navigate experience!



Click to view an example of a blog-style publication at

Blog-style format: like the pop-up format above, the blog-style also eliminates the need to ZOOM and PAN. When you click on an article, it will load into a web page of its own.

  • Comments section, and heart (likes) counter features available

  • Easily share direct links to articles

  • Invite contributing authors and have public author profile pages

Announce your online publication by mail!

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An inexpensive postcard delivered to each address is an effective way to announce when
your publication is ready to view.

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